Chico Dollに古いタカラバービーとジェニーの服を着せてみたら、結構着られるものがあることがわかりました。お尻がジェニーよりも大きいのでタイトなデザインのものは入らないものもありますが、お直しなしで着せ替えが楽しめます!手足が長いので寸足らずになるので、レースなどを足してアレンジするのもいいかもしれません。



I found that Chico Doll can wear some of TAKARA Barbie and Jenny’s outfits! Chico has larger hips, so tight-designed clothes don’t fit so well, but it’s great to know you can use TAKARA Barbie and Jenny’s outfits. Chico’s arms and legs are longer, so you might want to add laces or fabrics to adjust the outfit.

Headband and glasses she is wearing is from Licca Castle, and they fit very well. Bag is from AG Jenny, I think.  She can also wear Jenny boyfriend’s shoes. These red boots are what I had at home, and I don’t know who they belong to.