Chiemi Takeda

A doll artist based in Saitama, Japan, who makes dolls with love and passion.

I started making dolls in 2014. I took a doll making class at local community center at first, and made a soft-body doll with washi paper head.  When I first saw porcelain dolls at a doll exhibition, I was so amazed and drawn into them instantly. I soon started making porcelain dolls and my fascination with dolls keeps growing.  I didn’t enjoy working overtime in office, but I can happily work for hours when it’s doll-related. For long time, I didn’t know what I want to do with my life, but now I know I found what I LOVE to do!

“Chico Doll” was named after my first doll given by my parents, Chico-chan, which means Chiemi’s child in Japanese.

I make my dolls with love and passion. I hope Chico Doll brings joy and happiness to you and many people around the world.

Besides making dolls, I own a small website shop ( I sell mainly Licca dolls & Pure Neemo doll bodies.

I’m also interested in food and cooking. I recently purchcased Vitamix mixer, and I love making healthy ice-cream and chocolate from cacao nibs. 

武田 智恵美

人形作家        埼玉県在住


”Chico Doll (チコドール)”という名前は、子供の頃に両親からプレゼントされた人形に名付けたチコちゃん(ちえみの子という意味)が由来です。